On the Sunday of Orthodoxy, 1999, the Synod of the FROC (now officially called the Russian Orthodox Autonomous Church) declared: A resolution was passed concerning the hierarchs and representatives of the clergy of the Moscow Patriarchate who received their rank through the mediation of the authorities and organs of State Security. In relation to such it was decided that every year on the Sunday of Orthodoxy ANATHEMA should be proclaimed, using the following text: If any bishops, making use of secular bosses [nachalnikov], have seized power in the Church of God and enslaved Her, let those and those who aid them and those who communicate with them without paying heed to the reproaches of the Law of God, be ANATHEMA.[1]

[1] Suzdalskiye Eparkhialniye Vedomosti, N 7, March-May, 1999, p. 3 .

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