Russian Orthodox Autonomous Church
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Pascal Epistle of Metropolitan Valentine (Pasca 2002) 

An Open Letter to Metropolitan Vitaly of Vladyka Gregory (April 9/22, 2002)

Acceptance Speech of Bishop Gregory (Abu-Assaly) (November 19 / December 2, 2001) 

Declaration of Metropolitan Valentine (14/27 October 2001) 

Pascal Epistle of Metropolitan Valentine (Pasca 2001) 

Lenten Epistle of Archbishop Valentine (February 2001) 

Nativity Epistle of Archbishop Valentine (Nativity 2000/2001)

The Holy Women of Diveyevo (November 2000) 

Address to all Orthodox Christians in the Fatherland and in the Diaspora (Nov. 12/25, 2000)

Hieromonk Gregory (Lourie). Report concerning ROCA Councul (November 2000)

Prot. Michael Ardov. Report concerning "The Jubilee Councul" of MP (November 2000)

Epistle to the Hierarchal Council of the ROCA (21 August / September 3, 2000)

Nativity address exchanges with Moscow Patriarchate (The Nativity of Christ, 2000)

Anathema against ecumenism (Sunday of Orthodoxy, 1999)

Epistle to the flock beloved of God (October, 1995)

Bishop Gregory (Grabbe). On recent events...  (February 20 / March 4, 1995)

Bishop Gregory (Grabbe). Letter to Metr. Vitaly  (March 24 / April 6, 1994 )



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